Chicago Stats League

High School Fall League



League Information

Maine West High School

1755 South Wolf Rd.

Des Plaines, IL



September 15th - October 20th



10 Game Minimum Including Playoffs (6th-8th)

1-2 Games Per Week (Can request 1 week off)


8 Game Minimum Including Playoffs (High School)

1-2 Games Per Week (Can request 1 week off)


  • Registration is available for teams and free agent individuals.
  • Team Costs are $750, Free Agents are $100
  • Teams/ Players will be provided jerseys that are MANDATORY. Additional jerseys may be purchased while in stock for $20
  • If a team forfeits a game they may be removed without refund. A forfeit is not showing up with 5 available players 5 min after game time.
  • Rosters must be submitted with registration, game time requests must be submitted with rosters.

For more information, please visit: Registration Help.



Please direct questions to:

Cliff Paul

Cliff Paul

Phone: 7735993023